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pH and Total Solids Control for Ready Mixed & Precast Concrete Manufacturers

Producing precast and ready-mix concrete generates a large amount of industrial process wastewater that is high in pH and contains many dissolved and suspended solids.

Fortrans Inc. has developed a patent pending gas infusion and mixing device (Injector) designed to use low cost carbon dioxide gas to lower pH in process water or wastewater where conventional diffusers or injectors and aspirators may be subject to frequent failure caused by solids build up in the devices. The Dif-Jet™ Injector is more efficient and uses less carbon dioxide than spargers or diffusers.

Fortrans’ Dif-Jet™ Gas Injector allows use of safe, efficient carbon dioxide gas. Treating high pH and high solids wastewater with carbon dioxide also costs less than dosing with mineral acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric and phosphoric acid. Carbon dioxide is less expensive than granular pH reducers such as such as sodium bisulfate or citric acid.

Lowering pH with carbon dioxide is inherently safer for personnel by eliminating handling of hazardous materials. Reporting requirements on hazardous materials  required by the EPA and local agencies are greatly reduced or eliminated. Specialized storage and spill containment equipment is not necessary for carbon dioxide storage.

Corrosion of sensitive equipment such as circuit boards in PLC’s and controlling devices is not an issue when using carbon dioxide.

Dif-Jet™ gas Injectors are incorporated into self-contained pH control systems complete with control instrumentation and full enclosures or skid mounted for interior applications. All systems are basically “plug and play” requiring only a supply of carbon dioxide gas and a regulator.


Meeting Your Concrete Mixing Truck Cleaning Needs

For over a decade, Fortrans has provided the concrete industry and other businesses with first-rate, cost-effective products all designed to save you time, energy and expense.

In addition to our process wastewater treatment solutions, consult with Fortrans for cement mixing truck cleaners and sludge cleanup.


Easy Way To Clean Ready Mix Washout Pits And Settlings Basins

(clean your basins like a pool vacuum)

  1. Broadcast 1 lb of Slurry Sep non-pH sensitive flocculent per 1000gallons of water in the pit or basin
  2. Use bucket loader to mix into water. Run loader into pit 3 times – agitate water as much as possible
  3. Wait 10 minutes and all slurry will be lie on bottom on basin
  4. Use submersible mud pump or above ground diaphragm pump with 3” suction hose with wand strapped to hose and suction settled slurry from bottom of pit. Pump slurry to main washout pit or mixer truck.
  5. Transport slurry to drying area Slurry Sep enables environmentally safe disposal of dried slurry.

Slurry Sep contains sequestering agents to prevent leaching of heavy metals even if dried slurry is rewetted

All of our products are available to companies in the United States and Canada. If you have questions, or if you’d like to place an order, fill out the form to your right or call us at 866-958-7267.

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"Lane Construction Corporation uses technology that provides solutions to uphold our commitment to Environmental stewardship. This is why we use Fortrans, a proven leader in the construction wastewater industry. Through our experience, Fortrans provides equipment that is sound in construction, operation, and maintenance. This is further complemented by good customer relations and technical support for a reasonable price."

Chris D. Monahan, Lane Construction

“Carolina Sunrock has been very pleased with our Fortrans pH Control systems. We have three units and their ease of operation and the exceptional Customer Service the Company provides is greatly appreciated. We couldn’t be happier and highly recommend these units!”

Tony L. Sample, Carolina Sunrock LLC

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