Safe Bright™ Aluminum Brightener
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Safe Bright™ Replacement for Hydrofluoric Acid


Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Boat Pontoons

Air Conditioner Coils

Aluminum Tank Trailers

Aluminum Trim on Truck and Trailers

Safe-Bright™ will not dull or etch aluminum and is biodegradable
Safe Bright™ is a safe replacement for hydrofluoric acid used to brighten aluminum.  Safe-Bright™ uses a new material that received the EPA P2 Pollution Prevention Award. Safe Bright™ will deoxidize and brighten aluminum surfaces as well as hydrofluoric acid without the toxicity and environmental problems. The product is non-regulated by DOT. The product carries an HMIS code 1.

Safe-Bright™ replaces hazardous Hydrofluoric acid and Ammonium Bifluoride products which are HMIS category 4, indicating the most severe risk, on the Hazardous Materials Information System product label code, and these acids are included on the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act.

Safe-Bright™ will not attack or etch glass and is safe to use on painted surfaces, chrome-plated hydraulic rams, plastic, and rubber seals. Safe Bright™ contains no hydrochloric acid and does not produce corrosive fumes or vapors.

Safe-Bright™ is useful in the ready-mixed concrete industry, food, lime and cement industries, fuel tankers, automotive and marine industries, and food manufacturing and distribution business. Safe Bright™ is being offered as a stand-alone product to brighten aluminum or with Fortrans’ concrete remover to remove cement and lime prior to brightening.

Directions: For routine cleaning, use Safe Bright™ diluted 1 to 1 with water. Spray foam or brush product onto aluminum. Allow to remain for 1 to 3 minutes for maximum effect, then clean area followed by thorough rinsing. Do not let product dry on finishes. Mist with water or re-spray to keep wet.

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