5000B pH Control System Accessories
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Add-On Accessories for Our pH Control Systems

Managing your industrial stormwater and process water has never been easier! When you purchase a pH control system from Fortrans, you also have the option of customizing your equipment with a multitude of add-ons based on your concrete manufacturing plant’’s individual needs.

The following accessories are available for all of our pH neutralization, CO2 pH control, and wastewater treatment systems for industrial process water:

Custom System Flow & Treatment Capacity

Fortrans’s pH control systems are scalable to meet your facility’s current and future pH adjustment requirements. The standard Fortrans pH control and neutralization system has a throughput of approximately 75,000 gallons per day and can efficiently adjust up to 150,000 gallons of water per day. Higher capacity units are available for pH control of 300,000 to 1 million GPD.

SCADA Controller With Integral Data Logger 

Monitor and control your pH control system on the web. Data logger displays on the web and data is stored on supplied SD card for download to PC or laptop. All alarms and relays can be monitored and set on the web. Standard visual alarm on system as well as e-mail alerts for alarm and relays. 4 inputs can be controlled. Standard controls are for target pH and flow rate.

Electronic Flow Meter with Totalizer Function

Upgrade the standard electronic flow rate meter to a flow meter with an analog output and two separate totalizer functions and one permanent totalizer.

Data Logger

Continuously record the pH and flow rate of the system, and store the process pH and flow rate data on an SD flash card with a dual-channel data logger. Access all of your pH control and neutralization system process data from anywhere, at any time with your Ethernet connection to this data logger. Comes complete with software to export process data to Excel for regulatory reporting.

Modular Discharge Option

Modular discharge option provides external piping and a manual valve or solenoid valve, to divert your facility’s pH-adjusted excess process water or stormwater to discharge. You supply a discharge hose for the camlock discharge connection. System continuously monitors and records discharge water flow rate and pH using a datalogger with Ethernet connection. Record and store your discharge data on an SD card, with the date and time as well as the pH and flow rate of the discharge. Streamline your record keeping and reporting with export of this discharge data to Microsoft Excel.

Discharge option allows monitored discharge using the data logger functions: pH and GPM discharged and date of discharge. Includes dual channel data logger with Ethernet connection (optional) and SD memory card with software to download data to paper format for permanent storage. Unit is equipped with external piping and manual 3-way valve. Owner supplied items: 2” flat hose with cam lock quick connect fitting.

Chemical Pump And Injectors

Systems can be customized to raise pH, as well as to lower pH as desired, or perform both functions on a continuous basis.

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