System Benefits
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Benefits of Our Cement-Mixing Truck Cleaners & Concrete-Removing Products

Fortrans Concrete Removers – Cab & Truck Wash – Safe Bright Aluminum Brightener

 10 Great Reasons to Consider Fortrans Cleaning Products for Your Trucks

  1. They Work! Historically, environmentally-safe concrete removers have been expensive and do not work that well. Fortrans’s cleaning products work extremely well and are competitive or lower cost than corrosive acids in terms of overall cost.
  2. Lower Maintenance Costs – The products are non corrosive to electrical wiring, chrome hydraulic rams, paint, and all other finishes. Spray anywhere you can spray water.
  3. Products Are Low Toxicity for Personal Safety
  4. Products Contain Proprietary Corrosion Inhibitor Package – No Rust!
  5. Products Are Environmentally Friendly – They biodegrade to carbon dioxide and water. No additional waste treatment is necessary
  6. Fortrans Products Reduce Driver Cleaning Time!
  7. Fortrans Foaming Applicators Dilute and Foam Cleaning Products on the Truck
  8. For Better and Faster Cleaning and Less Product Waste
  9. Reduced Chemical Usage
  10. Your Trucks Become Great-Looking, Rolling Billboards!