pH Neutralization Systems
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Neutralize the pH of waste water, storm water, and process water at your facility with reliable, cost-effective pH neutralization systems from Fortrans, Inc.

Rather than utilizing corrosive, expensive acids or other harsh chemicals, our pH neutralization systems use safe, inexpensive carbon dioxide (CO2) to neutralize pH in virtually any type of water while also working to reduce suspended and dissolved solids. This helps ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act, making it safe and legal for discharge off site.

Fortrans, Inc. pH Neutralization Systems

Fortrans, Inc. offers a full range of pH neutralization systems to meet a broad range of needs and applications. Click below to read more about each of our pH neutralization systems, and be sure to contact us today to speak to a sales representative for help in selecting the perfect pH neutralization system for your requirements.

  • 5000B Standard Compact pH Neutralization System
  • 5000SK Skid-Mounted pH Neutralization System
  • 5000SP Small Portable pH Neutralization System
  • Poli-Cut Batch pH Neutralization System with Integral Tank
  • 5000M pH Monitor and Data Logger

Also, we encourage you to explore all of the available 5000-system accessories for your facility’s pH neutralization device from Fortrans.

The proprietary, patented design of Fortrans, Inc.’s Dif-Jet gas-mixing device drastically enhances the efficiency of CO2 absorption, lowing your pH neutralization costs. Additionally, the Dif-Jet is not susceptible to the buildup of solids and scale, which virtually eliminates the need for expensive regular cleaning and maintenance. Discover all of the benefits you will gain with by using carbon dioxide to neutralize pH in your facility’s storm water, waste water, and process water: choose pH neutralization systems from Fortrans, Inc.

Contact Fortrans, Inc. today to discuss the pH neutralization system requirements of your facility. We are available online or by phone at 866-958-7267.